Three Ideas For A Summer Getaway!

Posted on 19/08/14 by Freida Rothman

Friends, summer is almost at a close. I can’t believe it has come and gone so quickly! I’ve had my fun traveling all over the world this summer, so I figured I’d share three ideas to skip town and enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the leaves start to fall!


 Beach Trip

 A weekend beach trip is always a must for summer! Whether it’s staying close to home or taking an extra special trip to Mexico, end your summer with sand, surf, and sun!  




Camping Trip

 Looking for a change of pace? Love the outdoors? Camping is so much fun to do with friends and family. Don’t like getting down and dirty? Rent an RV! They’re slightly more comfortable and have an AC. Who says you can’t rough it glamorously?!




 Weekend City Getaway

 New York is amazing during the summer. There are cafes to eat outside, beautiful days to ride a bike or take a walk in Central Park! A weekend getaway would be the perfect chance to get some shopping done and see a Broadway play! 


 All images © Molly Torian 

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Freida Rothman

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum featured Freida Rothman, her story and her collections with the above video and below blog post.