Freida Rothman was raised by her grandparents to always honor this country that gave them a second chance at life. She frequently visited West Point Military Academy as a young girl and admired the cadets and graduates, specifically females from the institution. She was recently connected with remarkable female graduates who paved the way for younger generations at the academy. While continuing to honor WOMEN OF STRENGTH™️ in the military, we are proud to share the stories of West Point Female Alumni during Women’s Military Month. Discover their courage, perseverance, and many triumphs throughout the years through the interviews below.

"Looking at things you may consider either unfair or painful or difficult to deal with, there's always opportunities to grow stronger."

"I always think of the West Point Honor code, which says a cadet will not lie or cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do. And so I've tried to use that in my life and throughout my career."

Kelly Zachgo

West Point Military Academy Graduate Class of '80

Colonel, US Army, Retired

Kelly Zachgo is a retired Army colonel commissioned in Field artillery and also worked in the Information Systems field. She served 28 years in both Active and Army Reserve after graduating in the first coed class of West Point in 1980. While in the Reserve, Kelly raised three children while also working in various engineering disciplines with expertise that spanned the realm of health and safety, quality, investigation, environmental, information systems, military operations, training, specialized refinery processes, research, quality and project management.
Kelly's passion now focuses on recognizing heroes as a volunteer with the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame while also giving back through other community organizations.

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Marene Allison

West Point Military Academy Graduate Class of '80

Former Captain US Army
Chief Information Security Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Marene Allison is Chief Information Security Officer for Johnson & Johnson, responsible for protecting the company's information technology systems and business data worldwide. Prior to Johnson & Johnson, Ms. Allison was the CSO for Medco, head of Global Security for Avaya, and Vice President of Loss Prevention and Safety for The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. She has worked as an FBI Special Agent, served in the U.S. Army, and graduated from West Point in the first class to include women. Ms. Allison is also a board member of H-ISAC, West Point Women, and ASIS International
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"Taking everything I learned through the course at West Point, while I was in the military, while I served as an FBI Agent in law enforcement and putting those skills to bear to be able to protect the intellectual property, the information that is necessary to ensure that the vaccine gets into those arms, a billion arms across the world.

"I teach my daughters everything that I would have wanted to know, Don't allow yourself to be put in a box. Figure out who it is that you're brought here to be, figure out what it is you were brought here to do and do that. Do it with everything you have in you.

LCT June S. Copeland

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

June S. Copeland is currently serving as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. When graduated West Point, she didn't know the long gray line would continue with her three daughters, June, Jeilyn, and Jasmyn. In addition to perservering through her own challenges in the military, June's strength and honor was apparent when raising her three daughters to be leaders with poise and grace who are grateful for the opportunity to serve their country. June, Jeilyn, and Jasmyn loop up to their mother's strength and recognize the leadership, lessons, and values from West Point that she passed on to them.

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June A. Copeland

2nd Lieutenant, United States Army

"As a woman in the military, anything that is required, is something I am able to do. If i can't do it currently, it's something I can train up to or learn to figure out."

Jeilyn & Jasmyn Hanyes

Cadets at the United States Militaary Academy, Class of 2022

Jeilyn Haynes

"Being able to go to West Point with my twin sister is very special. I came to West Point to learn how to lead and West Point first and foremost was a leadership institution. Leadership, and more importantly, character were really important to them."

Jasmyn Haynes

"I came here and saw a lot of similarities between our home life and West Point. When I came here I appreciated the structure and the discipline."

West Point Women is a global network providing mentorship, education, and support to women graduates and cadets of the United States Military Academy. Members network and work collaboratively to pursue a diverse array of professional, personal, and philanthropic opportunities.