This season, our gift guide is inspired by four distinct fashion personalities that represent the FREIDA ROTHMAN woman. Choose the perfect gift based on our curated selection of styles for each personality type in your life.


Her bags are always packed, as Jill jet-sets around the world. Where is her next destination?

Travel jewelry that transitions from day-to-night is key.
Her Favorites:
Living for my next destination.

She has a sense of allure that makes a grand entrance anywhere she goes. Can you ever really have enough jewels?

Make a statement, in life and with your jewelry.
Her Favorites:
Glamour is a lifestyle.
Classically Trained

Her power lunch look is sharp and refined, as she sticks to the classics. A-line skirts, feminine blouses, and iridescent pearls accompany her strong, authoritative personality.

Timeless never goes out of style.
Her Favorites:
A power tote bag keeps my structured life organized.

She’s a metropolitan girl who walks the streets with ease. Getting dressed is a simple task: choices of blacks, whites and neutrals, always tailored to perfection.

High polished jewelry for
a high polished lifestyle.
Her Favorites:
Sleek and chic are the keywords.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

This Holiday Season, Freida Rothman’s gift guide is inspired by four distinct fashion personalities representative of the Freida Rothman woman. Get inspired and find the perfect gift based on our curated and carefully compiled collection of styles for the unique and fashion-forward women on your holiday gifting list. 

Jet-Setting Jill

For the woman who always has her bags packed, is always on an adventure, and always seeking out something new. Get inspired by her adventurousness and independent nature, and find your favorite jet-setter a beautiful piece of jewelry to follow her around the world. When it comes to jewelry for travel, being able to transition from day to night is a must, and durability, as well as versatility, are key.

The Studded Eternity Hinge Bangle comes in a variety of styles and looks beautiful stacked and layered with other bangles, making it the perfect piece of jewelry for someone always on the go and seeking unique experiences. Easy to wear and effortlessly beautiful, whether she is making her way through international airports or lounging on a yacht in the tropics, this is the perfect bangle for any occasion. 

Elektra the Glamazon

For your most glamorous and outgoing jewelry lover, look for the perfect statement to help her shine even brighter. The Glamazon can never have enough luster or shine and never shies away from the challenge of a statement piece. Too much glitter doesn’t exist for this fashion-forward gal, so don’t be shy about picking out something bold!

The Signature Pavé Cigar Band, for instance, is a deliciously decadent ring designed with glamor in mind. Beautiful signature 14k matte gold and black rhodium plated sterling silver make the perfect canvas for hand laid cubic zirconia, which glitter across the entire surface of the ring. This piece is the perfect touch of glamor to keep our favorite Glamazon enchanted.

Classically Trained Catherine

For your friend who sticks to the classics, whose A-line skirts and feminine blouses always carry that sophisticated edge. Her iridescent pearls remind you that timeless fashion is timeless for a reason, and will never go out of style. For your classic jewelry lover, look for simple pieces with old-school flair to help keep her well-organized life in order.

The 3 Stack Ring with Pearls is an excellent option for such a classic beauty. This stacking ring combines the classic beauty of pearls and dainty design with a slightly modern touch, adding a note of high fashion to this sparkling beauty. This modern take on classic refined elegance is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Milly the Modern Minimalist

Find a gift for your most metropolitan friend. She loves black, white, and neutrals, and always looks fabulous when she explores the streets of downtown. Find her a sleek and chic gift this holiday season, keeping her simple but tailored lifestyle in mind.

Choose, for instance, the Radiance Single Slide Bangle, which comes in gold, silver, and rose gold finishes. This brilliant example of high shine yet understated elegance is the perfect modern piece for your minimalist bestie. These simple bangles can be worn on their own, stacked in multiples, or combined with other bangles. Regardless of how they are worn, their simple and sleek understated-beauty make them the perfect gift this holiday season.

Ready to Start your Shopping Adventure?

Regardless of her style, your favorite jewelry lover will be ecstatic to receive a beautifully crafted piece of Freida Rothman jewelry. With countless styles and options to choose from and endless combinations to make, each and every unique sense of style can find beautiful jewelry from Freida Rothman to help set them apart.