Start Your Stack

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You know the saying about potato chips, “You can never have just one!” The same goes for starting your stack!  Once you begin playing, building and adding it becomes quite addictive.  What I love most about stacking bracelets is each person has the capability to make a bangle stack unique to their own personal style.  If you’re feeling edgy, you can use darkened metals and chunky links.  For a night out, try a bunch of pave bracelets together.  Mix and match to create your own eclectic look.  I often get asked, “Can I mix silver and gold bracelets?” My response to that is, the more you mix and match the more individualized your bracelet stack will become! I am known for my mixed metal jewelry, that I absolutely love to use when designing; it really adds depth and extra flair to any jewelry stack. I always encourage people to look into their jewelry box to see what they already own and mix pieces from their collection with new FR bangles.  It’s amazing how you can freshen up older styles by adding more sparkle and updated colors.  If you’re new to the stacking game, the FR Signature Eternity Hinge Bangle is the piece to #StartYourStack.  Bet you can’t stop at just one! I love see so many unique combinations of mixing and stacking bracelets.