Ocean Azure

Ocean Azure

The FREIDA ROTHMAN Ocean Azure Collection captures the beautiful glittering blue of the ocean with incredible aqua colored stones, beautifully crafted to sparkle like the ocean on a warm golden day. The blue stones woven throughout this collection add a touch of nature and simple beauty to the otherwise bold series of pieces.

To set off the signature blue tone of the collection, Ocean Azure stones are paired with an opulent and bold matte gold, reminiscent of sunshine. The bright matte gold featured in this collection looks incredible against any skin tone, and the unique yet delicate design of each piece makes the collection as versatile as it is beautiful. Designed to capture the light and make a bold statement, this collection focuses on beautifully crisscrossed metals, light bangle stacks, drop earrings, and ways to perfectly showcase the gorgeous light blue stones for which the collection is named. The Freida Rothman Ocean Azure Collection is perfect for anyone looking for versatile pieces of jewelry that can act as a statement on their own, or help tie an outfit together.

About this Collection

The Freida Rothman Ocean Azure Collection features 14 exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry designed with stylish people in mind. Designed in Brooklyn, each piece of the Ocean Azure collection has a sterling silver core and is elegantly decorated with a variety of shimmering hand-set blue stones, and bright sparkling hand-set cubic zirconia for an added touch of glamor. As with many Freida Rothman pieces, the Ocean Azure Collection is intended for stacking and combining to create a unique look, perfect for your unique self.

Including two unique bangles and a bold statement cuff, the bracelets of this collection can be worn alone, or stacked to create a look all your own. The intricately interwoven metals of the Ocean Azure Cuff Bracelet give this unique piece a flair all its own and paired the Ocean Azure Banded Ring can give any look a touch of elegance. Earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit and can be a great way to add a new twist to an old outfit. Whether you choose the Ocean Azure Linear Drop Earrings for that added glamor or the Ocean Azure Drop Earrings for some simple beauty, the gold and blues of the Ocean Azure collection are sure to catch the eye and impress even your most fashion-forward friend. This collection also features an array of necklaces designed to be worn either alone or layered to create a unique look. The simplicity of the Ocean Azure Small Pendant Necklace is perfect for someone seeking out some glitter for every day, or for a piece that can easily transition from day to night. For a bolder statement, try stacking it with the Ocean Azure Charm Necklace, or the bold Ocean Azure Double Drop Pendant Necklace.

Design Details

The bright gold of the metal in the Ocean Azure Collection may be beautifully bold, but its unique matte finish helps to let the stones and fabulous design elements of this collection shine through. The incredible blues of this collection give it a refined and elegant feel, reminiscent of great glittering miles of ocean waves. Combined with the brilliant gold metals, each piece from this collection feels like wearing a little piece of bright sunshine.

The incredible craftsmanship of Freida Rothman jewelry is apparent from start to finish, featuring .925 sterling silver cores, hand-set stones, and beautiful finishing front to back, each and every piece of Freida Rothman Jewelry is expertly made and absolutely gorgeous. Whether for yourself, or a jewelry loving loved one, a piece from the Freida Rothman Ocean Azure Collection is sure to delight.