Industrial Finish

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Industrial Finish

Dark, daring, and ready to make a statement. The FREIDA ROTHMAN Industrial Finish Collection is a bold interpretation of the architecture and energy of Brooklyn. From the chain link fences to buildings that glisten on the darkest of nights, this collection uses hues of gray and black to symbolize the grit that the city has to offer.

Striking Textures

The Industrial Finish Collection pushes New York elegance to its limits. The cables and city lights inspired designs from this collection. 

Daring Gems

The Industrial Finish Collection takes gems to the dark side, to create a daring look. The entire collection utilizes black cubic zirconia stones to create a fearless statement. The gems are found in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The Industrial Finish 3 Point Textured Hinge Bangle uses the black cubic zirconia stones to create a gorgeous clover pattern. The black stones have a subtle, yet alluring, contrast to the black gold bracelet. The dark bracelet is juxtaposed by a light silver border, to create the perfect balance of dim hues.

The black cubic zirconia stones are the star of the show in the Industrial Finish 3-Stack Ring. The stack features 3 rings. The first is a wide, 2-tier ring that utilizes black gold and clear cubic zirconia to create a clover design. The other two rings are thin with a Platinum finish, lined with black cubic zirconia stones. These rings can be worn together in a stack or separate.

Powerful Platinum

Although black gold is the star of the Industrial Finish collection, Platinum is used in many of pieces to create a bold contrast. The brightness of the Platinum beautifully highlights the unique look of the black stones and metal. 

The Industrial Finish 4 Points Station Necklace also features mostly Platinum finish. The Black Gold accents are set with cubic zirconia stones, for a delicate look. This necklace is the perfect piece for layering. It can be paired with a small pendant, like the Floating Pearls Round Crescent Pendant, for a unique look. The necklace would also pair beautifully with the Industrial Finish Large Oval Double Sided Pendant.  It can also be looped around once, for a more delicate layered appearance.