Pre-Fall Fashion Week Madness!

Robert Cavalli's pre-fall 2013 collection was mainly inspired by nature and has consistency throughout all of the pieces. From elegant gowns to cropped metallic jackets to leopard print pants, the clothes give off a sensual wildlife vibe while keeping true to Cavalli's sophisticated women's wear style.
Christian Dior's pre-fall 2014 collection is all about bringing out the geometrics this season. Each piece of clothing is so unique with stunning shapes and symmetrical silhouettes. Raf Simon really focused on modernizing Dior's presentation this season, reassuring the level between femininity and luxe. 
This is Surface to Air's first pre-fall collection and I have to say, it is flawless. This French contemporary label is highly influenced by Japanese culture and uses contrasts between matte, leather and glossy black fabrics. The outerwear includes felt parkas and jackets with inspiration from samurai armor. 

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